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In this video, the dentists and patients at Iroquois Family Dentistry discuss what sets our Nashville, TN, dental practice apart from others. Iroquois Dentistry has been open for over 75 years, but the team is dedicated to staying up to date with the latest technology. Our patients also love the comfortable, family-friendly environment that we have created.

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Voiceover: Skilled dentists at Iroquois Family Dentistry of Nashville, Tennessee are dedicated to partnering with you to achieve optimal dental health and beauty through comprehensive general and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Parkes: When I started practicing, there was a lot of change going on with technology and dentistry in general, and I really was a huge fan of some of the changes that were being made. And I really wanted to incorporate a lot of those new technologies into my practice to make, you know, the dental experience more comfortable and better for all of our patients. Dr. Keenan: When you first enter Iroquois Dentistry, you're struck by the beauty of the building. But also all of our doctors are very well trained, very, very caring, and very personable. And then it's the state-of-the-art equipment. We have it all. Voiceover: Iroquois Dentistry offers a wide range of services and products, from general cleanings, implants, laser dentistry, crowns, veneers, Botox, teeth whitening to sedation dentistry, and complete smile makeovers. Dr. Parkes: This practice really focuses on our level of service, our level of care. Patients feel like they're taken care of. They feel like they're . . . we know them, they're part of the family here, part of this community. And the technology, of course, helps us provide that next level of care. Dr. Glover: What our patients feel when they visit our office is just the comfort and the family atmosphere we have here. Just knowing that their best interest is what means most to us and making sure they have a good experience here. Dr. Smith: The thing that sets us apart the most is actually the family environment. This is the 75th year this practice has been opened, and we have patients that have been coming here for about that long. So we just have folks that have been coming here for a long time, putting their trust in us, and it's really amazing to see the relationships that we've built over time. Jane: The people here are very warm, very friendly. They want to make sure I have a comfortable experience. Dr. Parkes: We know that not everybody loves going to have dental procedures done and going to the dentist, but here we really have done everything to make that as comfortable for a patient as possible. Ann: Dr. Parkes' staff are very knowledgeable about all the procedures that are going to go on, and they're really good about explaining to you what is getting ready to happen. Dave: Coming into the office, this new place, it's bright, it's fresh, it's crisp. The place kind of looks like what you would want your mouth to look like. Dr. Keenan: I've been a dentist a while now. I'm actually on my third generation, so I love getting to know the families. I love the continuity of care. Voiceover: Your journey to achieving the perfect smile begins today. Go to, or give us a call to schedule an appointment. Iroquois Dentistry, a warm and friendly dental practice with the expertise and experience to satisfy all of your dental needs. Dr. Parkes: We try very hard to make this process of going to the dentist as easy as it possibly can be.

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Our top-rated dentists have been serving the Nashville community since 1946. We use the latest technology to offer gentle and effective care at affordable prices, and we are members of various national and local dental organizations: 

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