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SureSmile is a new clear aligner therapy product that allows us to digitally plan treatment cases. It also enables us to treat more advanced orthodontic issues. Our dentists at Iroquois Dentistry are passionate about helping kids and adults achieve healthier and more beautiful smiles with SureSmile clear aligners.

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SureSmile is our state-of-the-art form of clear aligner trays. So clear aligner trays, orthodontic trays, or a long time Invisalign was what everyone had heard of and that's what everyone knew. Invisalign's patent has run out, and so now other companies have tried to get into the game a little bit on clear aligner trays and orthodontic treatment without having to put the braces on. SureSmile is the latest product by Sirona, and it's a clear aligner therapy. We use our 3D technology to take some scans of the teeth, and we can actually digitally plan the case and work through getting folks straighter teeth. We take some scans, take a couple of photographs, get all the data that we need, and then submit it to the online portal, which is where I think it's a big difference than some other companies is that it allows me to plan the cases digitally, share those results with the patient, and I'm able to have discussions with the patient very dynamically as the process is going along. With SureSmile, the sky's the limit. You can do a lot more cases, a lot more advanced cases. Folks that come in that have been maybe turned away from either other companies or other dentists because they're maybe uncomfortable treating it, SureSmile offers us that next level of service, and we're able to treat a lot more patients than we ever have in the past. Folks that are good candidates are pretty much anyone that walks in the door. We've seen kids, we've seen adults, we've seen patients that have been here for 20 years and had orthodontics three times, and we've seen patients that have never had braces before or any sort of clear aligner tray, so. The length of treatment on SureSmile varies from patient to patient. If you're a simple case and we're just trying to move one tooth, your treatment could be as quick as, well, 15 weeks. If you're a complex case and we're trying to move your whole mouth around, it can be a year, two years. So it just varies.

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