Emergency Dentist

An injury to your teeth or gums can have serious repercussions on your comfort and your dental health.

Emergency dental care can restore your smile, alleviate your anxiety, and help you avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room.

Learn how the emergency dentists at Iroquois Family Dentistry in Nashville, TN, can help resolve an emergency oral injury...

The Importance of Prompt Attention

A knocked-out or broken tooth, severe damage to your gums or cheeks, or severe dental pain all qualify as dental emergencies. If you are suffering from any of these concerns, you may need to visit an emergency dentist at Iroquois Family Dentistry for immediate dental care. Left untreated, a broken tooth or another dental emergency can leave you more vulnerable to infection and further damage. More complex restorative cases inevitably involve higher treatment costs, more trips to the dentist, and longer recovery times.

Broken tooth
A broken tooth can not only cause severe pain. This type of emergency could cause further damage and require more costly treatment without intervention

We Make Dental Care Enjoyable


Sarah B.

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I LOVE Iroquois Dentistry. They are very organized and I rarely wait long for my appointment. The staff is friendly and caring and they seem to have a great rapport with each other, too. Dental work isn’t always fun, but I genuinely enjoy my appointments here.

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Jayne A.

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The best dentist office experience I’ve ever had. I’m new to Nashville and had a couple jobs since I’ve arrived and they’re very transparent about different insurance payments and make it super easy. Also their hours are very convenient! Recommend to all my friends new to Nashville.

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How Do I Know This Is a Dental Emergency?

When sudden dental pain strikes or you are involved in an accident, it can be tricky determining how quickly you should seek dental treatment. Your first step should be to call our office at (615) 298-2040. Our dental professionals will ask questions about the nature of your injury to determine whether you should visit our Nashville, TN, dentists or if you should go to urgent care. 

Seek Immediate Care

The general rule is that if something hurts, you should seek immediate dental treatment. Injuries requiring prompt attention by our emergency dentists include:

  • Severe toothache accompanied by a fever 
  • Knocked out permanent tooth 
  • Jaw injury 
  • Soft tissue injury to the gums 
  • Possible fractures to your tooth or teeth
  • A punctured lip

If you have sustained a dental injury to your tongue or lip and cannot control the bleeding with pressure or a cold compress, seek immediate medical attention.

Schedule a Non-Urgent Appointment

Some oral injuries require prompt treatment by an emergency dentist while others can wait until normal business hours. The latter cases include: 

Again, if you are unsure, reach out to our office. We can make recommendations depending on the seriousness of the injury and the location of the affected tooth. Any type of dental injuries or damage to a dental restoration, including a crown or bridge, should still be handled in a timely manner at our Nashville, TN, dentistry office to avoid further damage. 

Contact Our Emergency Dentists

If you are not sure whether or not you are experiencing an emergency and need emergency dental care, our team of dental professionals can help. Simply contact our Nashville, TN, dentist office, and one of our friendly staff will listen to the details of your situation. We can advise you as to whether you need immediate treatment. Our dentists will do everything they can to help you stay calm and see you as soon as possible

At Iroquois Family Dentistry, our dentists, K.B. Parkes, Gary Waltemath, and Karen S. Keenan, bring together patient-centered care and high-end technology to treat a wide range of dental emergencies. In many cases, we can schedule, diagnose, and treat patients on the same day. 

Call our office in Nashville, TN, at (615) 298-2040 or contact us online to get in touch with an emergency dentist.

Iroquois Family Dentistry team
The Iroquois Family Dentistry team provides prompt assistance when you need it most.

"Outstanding, as Always!"


Julie S.

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My visit yesterday was outstanding as always! Great professional team that took care of me in a timely fashion. Front desk is always courteous and friendly. Dr. Keenan goes above and beyond to take care of me and my family. I could not be happier with my choice for dental care! I give them the highest rating

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Alice S.

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I actually find my visits to the dentist relaxing! I don't think a better practice exists!

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What to Do in the Case of an Emergency

There are several steps you can take before you come in and on your way to our office to protect your oral health and prevent further injury. What these are will depend on your specific emergency and the type of dental care needed. 

Missing front tooth

Knocked-Out Tooth

If you have a knocked-out tooth, you need to act quickly to give our dentists the best chance of re-implanting it. On your way to our Nashville dental office, take the following steps to minimize the impact of damage:

  • Avoid touching the tooth's roots 
  • Handle the tooth with extreme care 
  • Keep the tooth moist by storing it in a container or baggie with saliva or milk 

You may also keep the tooth in its socket on your way to the dentist, if you think it will stay in place. Make sure it is facing the correct direction and do not force it into place. If it does not easily go back into place, keep it moist and seek the attention of our Nashville dentists immediately.

Cracked front tooth

Broken Teeth

Although minor chips or cracks can be easily concealed by our dentists with dental bonding or veneers at your next appointment, serious breaks need immediate attention from an emergency dentist. If the dental damage is severe enough, it may require a partial denture to repair the site. To minimize pain and preserve your smile on your way to our Nashville dentistry practice, you should:

  • Rinse your mouth with warm water 
  • Relieve any pain with a cold pack or over-the-counter pain medication 
  • Apply pressure to the site with gauze or a moist tea bag to staunch any bleeding 

Our dentists can typically address broken teeth in a single appointment thanks to our in-office CEREC® system.

Illustration of fractured tooth

Cracked Teeth

You need to see an emergency dentist if you crack a tooth. These injuries are difficult to assess on your own. Sometimes the tooth looks fine but hurts when pressure is applied or when you drink a hot or cold beverage. If a tooth consistently hurts there may be nerve damage. This should be considered more than just a toothache, and is a symptom of a serious dental condition that requires immediate emergency dental care. 

Woman holding jaw in pain

Soft Tissue Injury

Because of the abundance of blood vessels in your mouth, injuries to your tongue, lips, or cheeks usually heal very quickly. If you have experienced trauma to the inside of the mouth, you should first rinse out your mouth with saltwater or hydrogen peroxide. This should clear out the blood, allowing you to determine the severity of the injury. Should bleeding continue, apply pressure using a clean cloth for a minimum of five minutes. A cold compress or ice can reduce bleeding, limit swelling, and help with any discomfort. 

Seek the attention of an emergency dentist if:

  • Pressure and cold compresses do not control bleeding
  • The cut is clearly deep
  • The cut crosses the border between your lip and the skin on your face
  • There is a puncture in your lip

If the symptoms of an infection develop after the first day or two, contact our emergency dentists right away as your injury may require antibiotics.

The team of dental professionals at Iroquois Family Dentistry

Iroquois Family Dentistry

Our top-rated dentists have been serving the Nashville community since 1946. We use the latest technology to offer gentle and effective care at affordable prices, and we are members of various national and local dental organizations: 

  • American Dental Association
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • Tennessee Dental Association
  • Nashville Dental Society

To schedule a visit at Iroquois Family Dentistry, contact us online or call (615) 298-2040.

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