Same-Day Crowns


Getting a traditional dental crown to restore a tooth after decay or trauma can be a complicated process that takes weeks to complete. 

Thanks to our advanced dental technology, you can get a beautiful, durable crown in just one appointment at our Nashville, TN, office.

You can skip temporary crowns and get your smile back faster with a same-day dental crown at Iroquois Dentistry.

How We Make Same-Day Treatment Possible


CEREC® is an all-in-one system for the design and production of lifelike and durable dental restorations. If you need a crown to protect a single tooth or a dental bridge to replace one to three consecutive missing teeth, our CEREC system can fabricate your restoration in a single day.

Let’s break down how our Nashville dentists can use CEREC to give you a high-quality, time-efficient solution for your dental issues:

3D Digital Scans


Your dentist will use an intraoral scanner to capture a detailed digital image of your smile in just moments, eliminating wait times and the need for messy dental putty used for traditional impressions.

Designing the Crown


The digital scans will be processed with CAD (computer-aided design) software, which will create a blueprint for your crown or bridge based on your bite and the shape of your natural teeth.

Crown Fabrication


Our CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) milling unit will use the blueprint to fabricate your crown or bridge from a durable material. This technology helps us ensure that your restoration is created with the highest degree of accuracy, so it achieves a seamless look with the rest of your teeth.

The Unbeatable Benefits


We use CEREC technology at our Nashville practice because of the many advantages it can offer our patients. By choosing same-day crowns from Iroquois Dentistry, you can reap benefits such as:

Saving Time

Many dentists have to send impressions to an outside lab for crown fabrication, meaning that you would have to wear temporary crowns during a 2- to 3-week waiting period. Thanks to our in-house technology, your natural-looking crowns can be ready in a single office visit, allowing you to enjoy your beautiful, functional smile much quicker.

Enhancing Your Appearance

We typically use IPS e.max® instead of porcelain to craft our same-day crowns. This material is stronger than porcelain and is one of the top choices for restorative dentistry thanks to its incredibly lifelike qualities. IPS e.max mimics the color, translucency, and shine of a natural tooth, meaning that your crown will blend in seamlessly with your smile.

Restoring Dental Function

Serious chips, fractures, and other dental flaws can weaken your teeth and make chewing and speaking uncomfortable or painful. Our same-day CEREC crowns can quickly protect and strengthen teeth that have been damaged. You can walk out of our office with renewed confidence in the stability of your smile. 

Enjoying Lasting Results

The material we use to craft our CEREC prosthetics is stain-resistant and incredibly durable, so you won’t have to worry about replacing your crowns for years to come. In fact, a 2008 study published in Operative Dentistry found that 85 percent of CEREC-made restorations remained fully intact after 10 years. 

You Don't Have To Wait To Restore Your Smile


Whether you have structural dental damage that makes eating and speaking a challenge or cosmetic flaws that make you feel self-conscious about your smile, our same-day crowns can do wonders for the function and appearance of your teeth. 

We can restore your smile with crowns in just a fraction of the time as other practices that don’t use CEREC technology. To learn if same-day crowns are right for you, get in touch with our Nashville, TN, practice by sending us a message or calling: (615) 298-2040

Are Dental Crowns Right for You?

Some of the most common reasons we recommend crowns for our patients include:

What About Dental Implants?

In addition to traditional same-day crowns, our practice can also create implant-supported crowns and bridges to quickly fill gaps in your smile.

Once you have healed from implant placement surgery after about four months, our dentists can replace your temporary restoration with a lifelike permanent restoration. Our CEREC milling system can fabricate your implant-supported dental crown during the same appointment as your scans, and you can leave our Nashville office with a beautifully restored smile.

The Same-Day Crown Process

You can have a brand-new permanent dental crown in less than 2 hours.

Numbing the Area


Dental crown treatment is not painful and can usually be performed with just local anesthesia; however, if you have dental anxiety or sensitivity, your dentist can administer nitrous sedation to help you achieve deep relaxation during your procedure.

Shaping the Tooth


Your dentist will remove any damaged or decayed dental tissue and reshape the tooth to better accommodate the crown.

Digital Scans


Once your tooth has been shaped, your dentist will take a digital scan of the treatment area, which will be sent to our milling system to guide the fabrication of your crown.

Crown Fabrication


It can take just minutes to create a crown with our CEREC milling machine. While you wait, feel free to listen to music with a pair of our comfortable headphones or watch a show on TV, which we have in every treatment room.

Placing the Crown


When your crown is ready, your dentist will secure it to your tooth with dental cement. Your crown will be designed with the highest level of precision, but your dentist might make a few minor adjustments to ensure the absolute best fit between the crown and your tooth.

How Much Do Dental Crowns Cost?

The average cost for same-day dental crowns at our Nashville, TN, practice starts at $1725 per crown; however, your final cost can vary depending on whether you received preparatory treatments like core build-up or root canal.


You may be wondering if same-day crowns are covered by insurance. Fortunately, any crown used for restorative purposes, like protecting a damaged tooth or replacing an older crown, will likely receive at least partial coverage; however, a crown used for cosmetic reasons, like enhancing the appearance of a stained tooth, will not be covered. We accept most dental insurance plans. 


If you are uninsured or paying out-of-pocket for crown dentistry services, we have financing options for you. We work with CareCredit®, a healthcare lender that can help you secure a low- or no-interest loan to cover your treatment. CareCredit can break the cost of your same-day crowns into smaller monthly installments for easy payment.

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