Emergency Dentistry​

Emergency Dentistry: We're Always a Phone Call Away

The doctors at Iroquois Dentistry are available 24/7 for emergency dentistry visits. At least two doctors are on call and nearby at all times. You may need an emergency dentist if you have a chipped tooth, a broken tooth, or if you are experiencing extreme pain.


A traumatic, sudden injury to your teeth or gums can have serious repercussions on your appearance, your comfort, and your dental health.

Emergency dental care can restore your smile, reduce your pain and anxiety, and help you avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room.

The emergency dentists at Iroquois Dentistry in Nashville, TN, can help you resolve a dental emergency, often on the same day…


The Importance of Prompt Attention

Whether it happens to you or a loved one, a knocked-out or broken tooth, severe damage to your gums or cheeks, or severe dental pain all qualify as dental emergencies that should be treated right away. If you are suffering from any of these concerns, contact an emergency dentist at Iroquois Dentistry as soon as possible by calling (615) 298-2040.

Our experienced dentists can use the most advanced tools like laser dentistry and state-of-the-art 3D digital CEREC® scanners and software to turn a damaged smile into a healthy smile–often in one office visit.

Dental concerns can also leave you more vulnerable to infection and further damage if left untreated, resulting in higher treatment costs, more trips to the dentist, and longer recovery times.

We Prioritize Your Comfort

Dental emergencies are often incredibly painful. We offer sedation to relieve pain and keep you comfortable throughout your visit.

What to Do When Dental Emergencies Occur

The general rule is that if you have ongoing pain in your mouth, including a serious toothache, you should seek emergency dental care from one of our highly trained dentists as soon as possible. These simple tips can help to keep you calm, clear-headed, and as comfortable as possible until you can visit us in person:

Knocked-Out Tooth

If one or more of your teeth are knocked out due to an injury, you need to act quickly to give our dentists the best chance of re-implanting it. Avoid touching the tooth's roots and keep it moist by placing it in a baggie or container and covering it in milk or saliva. You can also try to put it back in place until you arrive at our state-of-the-art Nashville, TN, dental office.

Broken Teeth

Although minor chips or cracks can be easily concealed by our dentists with dental bonding or porcelain veneers at your next appointment, serious breaks need immediate attention from an emergency dentist. To minimize pain on your way to our Nashville practice, rinse with warm water, apply an ice pack or take pain medication, and use gauze or a wet tea bag to stop and absorb bleeding.

Cracked Teeth

You need to see an emergency dentist if you crack a tooth. This injury is difficult to assess on your own since the tooth may look intact but hurt under pressure or feel extremely sensitive when you drink something hot or cold. Consistent tooth pain may also mean nerve damage has occurred or a nerve ending is exposed. Timely dental care can restore the tooth and protect your overall oral health.

Soft Tissue Injury

Due to the many blood vessels in your mouth, injuries to your tongue, lips, or cheeks usually heal very quickly. If you have experienced trauma to the inside of the mouth, rinse with salt water or hydrogen peroxide to clear out the blood so you can determine the severity of the injury. Apply pressure with a clean cloth, cold compress, or ice. Seek care from our emergency dentists if bleeding is severe, the cut is very deep, or there is a puncture through your lips.
original_Emergency-Before original_Emergency-After
Before — A knocked-out tooth leaves a gap that can affect dental function.
After — A restored smile can protect your appearance and health.

Was One of Your Teeth Knocked Out?


A knocked-out tooth can be extremely painful, damaging to your smile, and affect your ability to chew and speak properly. Our emergency dentists may be able to save your tooth by re-implanting it. If not, we provide traditional dental bridges and dental implants to complete your smile.

Schedule an Emergency or Non-Urgent Appointment


Call Our Practice

The quickest way to reach us is by phone. We can learn about your situation and advise you of your next steps.

Email Our Office

Messaging us is a good way to get answers to your questions, such as whether you require prompt care.

Request a Consultation

If you have a date and time in mind you'd like to visit us, you can simply fill out our online consultation form.

Broken Teeth Are Another Common Injury

A broken tooth is not only painful. In fact, this type of dental emergency could cause further damage to your smile and require more costly treatment without immediate intervention.

This injury can also expose nerve endings, making the tooth extra sensitive to beverage temperatures and even breathing in cold air, as well as allowing bacteria to penetrate the enamel, resulting in an infection.


A Crown Popped Out While Flossing...


Usually not, but if you are in pain or are unsure it is an emergency, feel free to reach out to our office during or after business hours either online or by calling (615) 298-2040. We can make recommendations depending on the seriousness of the injury and the location of the affected tooth. Any type of dental injuries or damage to a dental restoration, including a crown or bridge, should be handled in a timely manner at our Nashville, TN, dentistry office to avoid further damage.

Other non-urgent dental issues include:

When Should I Go to the Hospital?

Extremely serious dental emergencies should be treated in a hospital emergency room. We may need to see you at our Nashville office in the following days in order to provide follow-up treatment or to examine how you are healing but if you have suffered an extremely traumatic injury to your mouth, please call 911 or have someone drive you to the nearest hospital. These emergency scenarios include:

Adults with a serious toothache accompanied by a fever of 103°F or higher, or a child with a toothache and fever over 102.2°F, should receive immediate medical attention at a hospital before calling our practice. Please contact us when you can.
A deep oral laceration caused by an accident or sports injury that is bleeding profusely should be treated as soon as possible at a hospital as stitches and antibiotics may be needed.
Injuries to your jaw can knock it out of place or actually fracture it. These types of concerns can have serious repercussions and require the attention of a specialist.

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Staff is always friendly and professional. Never have to wait. Dr. Parkes is awesome. Very knowledgeable but conservative and doesn't always try to sell you something. Love the beautiful new facility! Very high tech and thorough. Also like the background music!
Lynn Anton
I went in today for a replacement crown and was very pleased with my experience. With the new technology, I had amazing care with only a little discomfort (no pain). I appreciate the time and effort to make this process what use to be no fun into what I had today - nice!!! Thank you!
Florence M.
Great family Dental Office. New facilities will be opening in June 2020. They care for you and your family like you are part of theirs. Brand spanking new building. New staff, all with a smile on their faces.
Jared Book

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