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Our Innovative Technology Can Provide Aesthetic, Same-Day Porcelain Veneers

At Iroquois Family Dentistry, we offer customized porcelain veneers to conceal minor cosmetic imperfections in your smile. Our Nashville, TN, practice is equipped with advanced digital 3-D imaging technology for accurate treatment planning and same-day restorations. We use the CEREC system to design and create lifelike veneers in a single appointment. Dr. K.B. Parkes, Dr. Gary Waltemath, and Dr. Karen S. Keenan are all highly experienced dentists with an eye for detail. Our team particularly enjoys providing dramatic results and increased self-confidence for our patients with porcelain veneers. We offers personalized care to ensure our patients’ full satisfaction.

Are You a Good Candidate for Porcelain Veneers?

You may be eligible for porcelain veneers if you want to improve or conceal cosmetic issues such as:

  • Gaps in your smile due to proportionately small teeth or slight misalignment
  • Other minor orthodontic issues, such as mildly rotated teeth
  • Severe discoloration that cannot be addressed with teeth whitening
  • Slightly misshapen teeth
  • Worn or chipped teeth
  • Irregularly shaped teeth
  • Tiny cracks that do not affect the structural soundness of your teeth

Our team will evaluate your oral health and cosmetic goals to ascertain whether the treatment is right for you. If you have sustained significant enamel erosion, you may not qualify for this procedure. Other oral health issues, such as gum disease or decay, may also limit your suitability for veneers. Our doctors may recommend dental bonding or another cosmetic alternative to achieve similar effects if veneers are not the best option for your needs.

Porcelain veneers cover your entire tooth for a brighter, transformed appearance.

Treatment Process

Before beginning your treatment, our team will discuss your cosmetic goals. Together you can design restorations that achieve your desired effects. You will be a key player in this process and you can make suggestions and request changes until you are excited by the expected final results.

Preparing Your Teeth

Drs. Parkes or Keenan will first need to remove a small amount of enamel in order for your veneers to lay flat. This step can also help ensure a strong bond between your tooth and the porcelain. Our doctors use conservative and gentle techniques, preserving as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. The preparation process should involve minimal discomfort, even without local anesthesia. After your tooth has been prepared, your practitioner will take digital impressions of your teeth. These digital models will be much more precise than traditional impressions, and the imaging and design process will take a fraction of the time.

Veneer Creation and Placement

We provide convenient, same-day restorations, with our CEREC milling machine. This advanced technology will use your customized designs to fabricate your veneers. The device will carve the thin shells from ultra-modern porcelain that will match the color and natural shine of your teeth. Because production happens on-site, we have complete control over the entire process, allowing us to provide truly exceptional veneers. In addition, we can prep, design, create, and place the restorations in as little as two hours. 

Once your veneers are finished, your dentist will ensure that they meet your goals. We can make any necessary changes to provide the most customized lifelike results. Before attaching your veneers, we may lightly roughen the surface of your teeth. In this way, we can help the veneers to attach to more securely. When you are satisfied with the appearance and fit of your veneers, we will securely attach them for a completely transformed smile.

Veneers are very durable. When you brush, floss, and visit the dentist routinely, they could remain intact for ten years or more.

What Are the Benefits of Porcelain Veneers?

Veneers are an effective way to achieve a dramatic smile transformation. These restorations can conceal and correct a diverse range of blemishes at one time. Without this treatment, you might otherwise have to undergo several cosmetic procedures, a process that could be quite time consuming. The porcelain we use can also can make your smile – and your whole appearance – look brighter and younger. In addition, though they are quite thin, veneers are also very durable. When you brush, floss, and visit the dentist routinely, they could remain intact for ten years or more.

Enhance Your Smile

Our team can provide the personalized treatment you need to receive traditional and same-day porcelain veneers. To learn more about the cost, process, and benefits of this treatment, contact Iroquois Family Dentistry online or call us today at (615) 298-2040.

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