5 Major Reasons To Get Your Bi-Annual Dental Exams at Iroquois Dentistry

In a world where health increasingly becomes a top priority, dental wellness often takes a backseat, overlooked amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. Yet maintaining optimal oral health is a crucial component of overall well-being. When taking care of your smile, bi-annual dental exams are essential. At Iroquois Dentistry in Nashville, dental exams are the pillar of excellent oral health. 

Today, we will explore the five main reasons for keeping up with dental exams and how they benefit your smile and overall health. 

The Importance of Regular Dental Exams

While brushing and flossing at home are vital daily habits, regular dental exams are essential for deep cleaning, early disease detection, and prevention. Skipping these examinations can lead to serious dental health issues, some of which may require extensive and costly treatments down the line. Bi-annual visits to the dentist can minimize these risks and keep your smile bright and healthy.

The Importance of Bi-annual Dental Exams

Comprehensive Care Tailored to Your Needs

Every patient is unique, with specific dental needs and health concerns. Dr. K.B. Parkes, Dr. Tyler Smith, Dr. Jody Glover, and Dr. Megan Allred excel in creating personalized care plans that focus on maintaining and improving your dental health. During bi-annual exams, they assess every aspect of your oral health, ensuring that you receive comprehensive care.

State-of-the-art technology for Accurate Diagnoses

Iroquois Dentistry utilizes cutting-edge tools and equipment to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. This not only facilitates a more comfortable experience but also ensures accurate diagnoses. Digital X-rays, intraoral cameras, and advanced screening processes allow for early detection of potential issues, making treatments more effective and less invasive.

Professional and Experienced Staff

The staff at Iroquois Dentistry comprises highly skilled professionals passionate about dental health and patient care. Their expertise and commitment to continuous education mean you’re in the best hands, whether for a routine cleaning or more complex procedures.

Emphasis on Preventive Care to Avoid Costly Treatments

One of the core philosophies at Iroquois Dentistry is the emphasis on preventive care. By detecting issues early during bi-annual exams, they aim to prevent the progression of oral diseases that could result in the need for costly and extensive treatments. This proactive approach ensures better health outcomes and saves patients time and money in the long run.

Convenient Location and Flexible Scheduling

Understanding their patients’ busy schedules, Iroquois Dentistry offers flexible appointment times and strives to accommodate emergency visits. Located conveniently in Nashville, visiting the dentist becomes less of a chore and more of a pleasant, stress-free experience.

Why Choose Us?

At Iroquois Dentistry, we pride ourselves on giving our patients exceptional dental care in a warm and inviting atmosphere. With a patient-centered approach, the team at Iroquois Dentistry ensures that every visit is comfortable, informative, and tailored to meet individual health needs and concerns. Our excellent dentists, Dr. K.B. Parkes, Dr. Tyler Smith, Dr. Jody Glover, and Dr. Megan Allred, provide the necessary treatments for each patient. 

From preventative dental care to our more advanced treatment options of cosmetics and restorative services, you can get the comprehensive care you deserve – all under one roof. 


We have helped countless patients with their smiles, from necessary dental exams to dental implants. Since 1946, we have received hundreds of five-star reviews and are considered top-rated dentists in Nashville, Tennessee. Just some of the testimonies we have gotten from satisfied patients include: 

“From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with happy faces. I was pleasantly instructed how to fill out the forms for the Doctor. The waiting room is clean and bright. I didn’t have to wait at all to be called in to the treatment area. This area was also very clean and bright with many sinks and treatment areas. My Doctor was very nice and went over my treatment plan with me. I couldn’t have been more pleased to be there.”

Deborah B.  

“Y’all. If you are looking for a dentist office this place is it! First off, the office is GORGEOUS and inviting- if going to the dentist gives you anxiety you’ll feel right at ease as soon as you walk through the door. Second, the staff is super friendly! My dental hygienist and dentist were SO nice and informative throughout the whole appointment, and were open about what I actually needed done. You can definitely tell the staff really love their job and care about their patients! I’d give more stars if I could!”

Sierra R. 

Dental Exams in Nashville

Keeping up with bi-annual dental exams is a small investment that pays significant dividends in your overall health and well-being. Please take the necessary steps to care for your smile today by scheduling your next dental exam with us. Our passionate and caring dental team lets you get the best care for your smile and leave your dental appointment feeling refreshed and satisfied.