From Pain to Relief: The Lifesaving Benefits of Emergency Dental Services

In the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, Iroquois Dentistry offers emergency dentistry to help patients relieve their oral pain. Dental emergencies are something that people want to avoid. However, they can come up unexpectedly, and knowing what to do in such a situation can be difficult. It could be an untreated cavity that has become an abscess, a lost filling or crown, or even a knocked-out tooth resulting from a sports injury. Knowing the proper steps to take in a dental emergency could be the difference between saving and losing your teeth. 

Emergency dentistry refers to dental care services addressing urgent dental issues that require immediate attention. These situations typically involve severe pain, significant tooth damage, or conditions that, if not treated promptly, could result in permanent damage or loss of the tooth. Examples of dental emergencies include severe toothaches, knocked-out teeth, broken or fractured teeth, and abscessed teeth. Emergency dentistry seeks to alleviate pain, prevent further damage, and protect the patient’s dental health.

When it comes to dental emergencies, our primary goal is to work to avoid them. Through proper oral health care, ensuring you are using a mouthguard in contact sports, and avoiding hard objects, you can work to prevent dental emergencies from occurring. However, we also understand that emergencies can happen regardless of how well you care for your smile. So, with that, let’s go on an adventure, learning about the various dental emergencies, how to handle them, and how emergency dentistry can ultimately help you and your pain! 


When it comes to general dental concerns, toothache is the most common problem that people face. Several reasons, including cavities, gum disease, or a cracked tooth, could cause the pain. If you experience extreme discomfort or swelling, rinse your mouth with warm water and use dental floss to remove any food particles around the affected area. Do not apply heat to the affected area. Instead, apply a cold compress to the face at intervals of 20 minutes. Contact our office as soon as possible if the pain persists.

Lost Dental Crowns or Fillings

Fillings and crowns can become loose or even fall out over time. If you lose a crown or filling, rinse your mouth with warm water and call our dental office immediately to schedule an appointment. Save the dental crown or any loose filling in a safe place, as you can reattach it.

Broken or Chipped teeth

Accidents happen, and broken or chipped teeth are one of the most common dental emergencies that people experience. If you chip or break your tooth, try to save any large pieces of the tooth that may have fallen off. Rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to the face to reduce swelling. Contact our dental office immediately for evaluation and treatment.

Knocked-Out Teeth

A knocked-out or avulsed tooth occurs when the tooth is completely removed from the socket. In such an emergency, seeking immediate help from a dental professional like Dr. K.B. Parkes, Dr. Tyler Smith, Dr. Jody Glover, and Dr. Megan Allred is essential. If possible, find the tooth, pick it up by the crown (the chewing surface), and rinse it with water. Do not scrub the tooth or remove any tissue fragments from it. Place the tooth back into the socket or store it in a cup of milk. Time is of the essence in this situation, so don’t hesitate to seek help immediately.

Tissue Injuries

Any trauma or injury to the gum, tongue, or cheek may result in bleeding. If this happens, apply moderate pressure to the area with a clean cloth or gauze. Rinse your mouth with warm water and use a cold compress to reduce swelling. If the bleeding persists, seek emergency help at our office or visit the nearest emergency room if you experience a fever.

How Can Emergency Dentistry Help Me?

Accidents can happen at any given point in time; this is why our dentists, Dr. Parkes, Dr. Smith, Dr. Glover, and Dr. Allred, proudly provide emergency dentistry to help patients relieve the pain that they may experience from any oral health concerns occurring. With emergency dentistry and our excellent team, you can experience several benefits, including: 

1. Promotes Early Detection: Dental emergencies can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. They can help detect underlying dental issues that may have gone unnoticed. For instance, a persistent toothache that doesn’t go away could indicate an infection in your tooth. Emergency dental services can help identify the root cause of the problem before it worsens, thus preventing further complications and discomfort.

2. Provides Quick Relief: Dental emergencies can be excruciatingly painful, but emergency dental services offer quick relief to the pain and discomfort. You won’t have to endure the pain until your dental appointment. Instead, you can receive immediate care from a dental professional who will work to alleviate the pain and reduce any inflammation or swelling.

3. Prevents Permanent Damage: Dental emergencies require immediate attention to prevent permanent damage to your teeth or gums. For instance, a broken tooth or knocked-out tooth can lead to irreversible damage if left untreated. Emergency dental services can help ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy and intact, thus avoiding expensive and invasive dental procedures.

4. Saves Time and Money: Dental emergencies could sometimes be more cost-effective than regular dental appointments. Dental emergencies often receive prompt attention, ensuring the problem gets resolved before it worsens and becomes more costly. Also, the services provided during a dental emergency are usually limited to the procedure necessary to treat the issue, thus saving you the time you would otherwise spend going through follow-up appointments.

5. Provides Peace of Mind: Lastly, experiencing a dental emergency can be scary and worrisome. However, knowing that emergency dental services are available at our office and can provide peace of mind is always suitable for those concerned about what to do during a dental emergency. In a dental emergency, you know you can receive prompt and adequate care, easing your anxiety about the situation and providing comfort in knowing that your dental health is in good hands.

Emergency Dentistry in Nashville, TN

Dr. K.B. Parkes, Dr. Tyler Smith, Dr. Jody Glover, and Dr. Megan Allred are devoted to our patients entering our office. Whether you need emergency dental care or are coming in for a regular check-up, we are here to provide you with the necessary care and personalization. With our several services, you can get preventative care and cosmetic treatment to help your smile. However, in the case of a dental emergency, our office is the place to go. 

Dental emergencies can cause significant discomfort and pain, but staying calm and following the proper steps to deal with them is essential. The best treatment is prevention, so it’s always better to practice good oral hygiene, wear protective gear while playing sports, and avoid bad habits such as smoking or chewing hard items. When a dental emergency does arise, remember that your dentist is the best person to help you through it. So, stay calm, seek help immediately, and follow the dentist’s instructions to ensure the best possible outcome for your oral health.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to contact our office today to schedule an immediate appointment